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Election Day is November 8th!

Vote in person at your polling place!


Polls close at 8 PM. As long as you are in line by 8 PM, you may vote.


If you aren't registered to vote, you can register at the polls– just be sure to bring proof of identity and residency. You do not need these items if you are already registered.

Need to Return an Absentee Ballot?

If you are able, we recommend returning your ballot by bringing it to your town clerk's office. Hand it directly to them or place it in a secure dropbox, if available.

You may return your ballot by mail, but it must arrive by 8 PM on November 8th. The USPS cannot guarantee the timely arrival of ballots placed in the mail less than one week before Election Day.


Already returned your ballot and want to make sure it was received?


Are you registered to vote?

If you run into any issues while voting, call the Voter Protection Hotline ASAP:

(833) 336-8683

Multi-Language Voting Guides

Printable one-page fact sheets on registering to vote, voting absentee, and ranked-choice voting in ten different languages.



Absentee Ballot Request opens



Last day to vote early at your municipal clerk's office


Absentee ballots start being sent out by mail



Election Day! Polls close at 8 PM.

You must turn in your absentee ballot or be in line to vote by 8pm.



Mailed registration forms must be received by clerk

(If not already registered to vote or if changing address)



Last day* to mail your absentee ballot

(*Recommended. This allows USPS 7 days to get your ballot to the clerk's office, as they must be received by November 8th by 8pm.)

Important Dates

What's on the Ballot in 2022?

Governor of Maine

Member of the United States House of Representatives

Member of the Maine House of Representatives

Member of the Maine State Senate

Local Officials (These will vary based on municipality)



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