Poll Worker Signup

Poll Worker Needs Have Been Met!

Sixty percent of Maine’s poll workers are 60 years of age or older—the demographic group most vulnerable to COVID-19—and so it has been critical for younger, healthy Maine people must raise their hands and step up to relieve these longtime public servants.

Many have, and now municipalities are reporting that they have the poll workers they need for the November election. That’s great news.

As a result, we have stopped collecting information about individuals willing to serve as poll workers themselves. (If you are still very interested in doing this work, you can call your town clerk to see if they happen to need any more individuals—find their phone number at VoteInMaine.com/clerks.)

Even though poll worker needs have been met, there are more opportunities to support the administration of the November election.

The Maine Democratic Party is continuing to recruit Poll Observers to monitor voting, ensuring every eligible voter has access and every vote is counted. Sign up at VoteInMaine.com/act